Frank Gu – ECE 1T8

Managing Director

I joined in the first semester of my first year at U of T because I felt that school was inadequate to fill my need for learning, and I just wanted to do something to apply the skills I learnt. I enjoy working on modern calligraphy in my spare time, and I can describe myself as spontaneous and radical. My goal is to finally be one of top teams at WSC.

Sean Doughty – EngSci 1T8

Chief Engineer

Two years ago, I came in for the Solar Car 101 Workshop out of curiosity, and I decided to stay and gradually developed a passion for the project. The most memorable moment was doing the prepreg layup with Zhe. It was such a struggle to work with prepreg, but in the end we ended up succeeding. My goal for WSC is to build a car that that I will be proud of for the rest of my life. Even when I look at it 10 years from now, I will still be amazed.

Dannia Yang – Civ 1T7

Chief Advancement Officer

I still remember my first task for the advancement team: Nicole told me to find 1/8 thick wood to make coasters for our crowd funding campaign. I spent hours trying to find the right ones, but I could not do it. That failure made me realizes that I need to stay and make my flaw into strength. My goal is to provide the best business support for the team in order to build the best car possible. My favorite memory was when we all went to all you can eat hotpot because I truly felt like I was part of the team. My all time favorite TV show is Friends and I love trying new things.