Race Update 1 Darwin to Tennant Creek

It is almost the end of Race Day 2 and B-7 is en route to Tennant Creek control stop.

Yesterday morning, the team got up around 4am to start getting ready for the start line. B-7 had to be ready for display by 6am at Darwin State Square. B-7 departed 7th in Challenger class.

Almost as soon as we left the finish line, we encountered a small but alarming problem: the array doesn’t seem to be charging. Every watt of power is essential to get B-7 to the finish line and a malfunctioning array is detrimental. Despite the busy traffic, we decided to pull over and inspect the vehicle. Good news was that the array issue turned out to be a false alarm but bad news was that many teams have passed us and we’ve lost our advantage of 7th place. This also meant that we got stuck behind many slow moving caravans and overtaking solar vehicles is labour intensive.

By the end of day 1, we’ve caught up to many solar car teams and cleared Katherine control stop. B-7’s performance was excellent and we had no other issue whatsoever. We camped just outside of Larrimah.

Race Day 2 has been going very smoothly. The sun was out with clear blue sky and B-7 was able to overtake more solar cars. We checked in at Dunmarra control stop around 10am and continued on our journey. Despite the time lost yesterday, B-7 has been running great and we are currently at 9th place in Challenger Class.