Thank You Henkel Canada

In the midst of fabrication of our 8th generation solar vehicle, we would like to take a moment to thank Henkel Canada for their generous donation of Loctite and Frekote products.

After our aerobody plugs are machined, we need to treat the porous MDF to achieve the surface necessary to pull a vacuum. Once the surface is prepared, we perform a vacuum infusion layup on the plug which results in a fiberglass mold.

A number of Henkel products are used throughout this process. After the surface has been prepared, the Frekote B-15 Sealer is first applied to the top aerobody plug to fill any scratches and surface imperfections. We then apply a release agent, specifically Frekote WOLO-HL which was recommended to us for fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) composites. And last we used Frekote PMC Mold Release Cleaner to clean the surface of the resulting mold.

The fabrication phase of the solar vehicle project often includes long hours of labour work but is nonetheless a rewarding experience as team members gain valuable hands-on experience with composites. Our team generally runs on shifts including a mix of team leads and new recruits to give as many members as possible an opportunity to learn about the various activities involved in fabrication.

Thank you once again to Henkel Canada for your support!