Blue Sky Solar Racing at Magellan Aerospace

Blue Sky Solar Racing Team would like to thank Magellan Aerospace for all their support! Magellan Aerospace helped our team welded all of our mechanical parts as well as  provided us facilities for manufacturing. 

We were generously invited to Magellan Aerospace to present and to do a test drive of our newest solar car Horizon. Our team was very excited to answer questions regarding our aerodynamic design, fabrication process, mechanical parts, and our electrical system.  

We would like to thank Magellan Aerospace again for all their support! We would not be able to do it without you!

Pat Aladeen – Mech 1T8

Media Lead

I joined Blue Sky because I wanted to apply my creative skills to a large project. My greatest achievement would be the unveiling video for our previous car, Horizon. My goal for this cycle is to create a media team with a lot of people involved. Media is an interesting thing, and I want to make a large team that is passionate about media. Also, if I won a Oscar, it would be for talking too much. Haha.

Eugene Du – EngSci 1T7

Aerodynamic Lead

I enjoy swimming and watching movies in my spare time, and my favorite artist is Jesse McCartney. I can describe myself as funny, smart, and a go-getter. My goal for WSC is to come up with something new ahead of the competition, so we can have a significant advantage over the other teams.

Armand Gurgu – EngSci 1T7

Strategies Lead

I joined this team is because contrasting other clubs I’ve been part of, I find that Blue Sky actually trusts their new recruits with important tasks. And also, I feel that the learning curve here is really great in magnitude. My persevering nature will contribute the most to the team and I will to not give up all the way until the end. Since strategy is relatively new compared to the other departments, my goal is to learn as much as we can at ASC, and I am really aiming for a design and optimizer that will help us do well at WSC 2017. In my spare time, I work out from time to time, and play soccer.

Nick Cusimano – ECE 1T7

Electrical Lead

I started to be fully committed to the team in the 2nd semester of 2nd year; this is when fabrication for Horizon started. I enjoyed it because I was actually building something for once, rather than just solving problems on paper. Then, at the start of 3rd year, I went to Australia as one of the Horizon’s drivers. It’s still hard to believe that I drove 1000km across the Outback. I have learned so much and I would never have the chance to experience this inside the classroom. My ultimate goal for the next 2 years is to lead the electrical team to be a source of inspiration to the generations to come.

Tracey Lem – Mech 1T8

Composites Lead

I joined Blue Sky out of curiosity, and I stayed because of the people. Everyone else is so passionate about this project and I feel like I am part of a family. In addition, I have so much fun while accomplishing something great. I enjoy juggling in my spare time and my favorite song of all times is Good Life by One Republic. My goal for the next 2 years is to inspire a new generation of Blue Skyers and build the lightest structure possible for WSC 2017.