Electrical Team Lead – Maria Xie

Hello. I am Maria. I initially joined the team because our Fabrication Team Lead, Arshdeep Dhaliwal, upset me. He and I were group members during our first year at the university and he would, without fail, make it his priority to skip out as many of our meetings as possible to help out at Blue Sky. I meant to only take a peek at the source of our group’s stress and misery, but I am here now, playing with wires and capacitors and batteries in the workshop on a daily basis, similar to what he had done.

I joined the team for a silly reason, but stayed for very good ones. I stayed because I saw a team – a collection of individuals who would yell at each other at 4 in the morning to figure out charge stand mechanisms (and life sometimes), individuals who would go watch movies together on Tuesdays, individuals whose perseverance, intelligence, and ingenuity cannot be underestimated, and individuals who have enough trust in each other to work towards one common goal. I stayed because I was intimidated by the knowledge of the team and the depth and complexity of the project. I stayed because the ups and downs put me in my place.

I stayed because it made me and kept me happy. Blue Sky has become something meaningful and something personal. And for that, I will continue to stay.​

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