Thank You 3M Canada

We would like to take a moment to thank 3M Canada for their continued support over the years. 3M’s generous donations have made the fabrication of our 8th generation solar vehicle possible.

In this stage of fabrication, we use epoxy adhesives to stick together different parts of the car. We use 3M Gray Epoxy Adhesive to attach the chassis to the main body of the car. Then 3M Translucent Epoxy Adhesive is used to attach the smaller parts, such as headlights, to the body of the car.


This stage of the process also requires a significant amount of sanding . To help us with sanding, 3M has provided us with automotive industry quality sandpaper that enables us to get a smooth surface finish. We also need protection from all the dust when sanding and 3M provides us with 8210Plus Respirators . Safety comes first!

The fabrication phase can often be long but it is this stage in the production of the car when you really bond with the car and hence it is one of the most rewarding stages.

On behalf of everyone here on the Blue Sky Solar Racing team, we would like to thank 3M one more time for making fabrication possible!

Amir Kharazmi, Advancement Team Member

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