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On May 22nd, three members of the team brought B-7 to our generous sponsors at Crosslink Technology Inc. to thank them for their continued support and generous sponsorship.

Crosslink has been supporting us since 2011 and for this cycle they generously supplied us with epoxy which is crucial to the process of creating our aerobody mold. The epoxy resin is mixed with hardener and then injected into the layers of fiberglass to make a nice and robust mold. This mold is then used to perform the carbon fiber layup which becomes the final part of the car. This whole process would not have been possible without the help of Crosslink !

We were also kindly given a tour of the lab area and the employees explained to us the different departments of Crosslink Technology Inc.. We were introduced to different materials produced by the company. One particularly interesting one was a product called Pecker Patch, which borrows its name from its original use when it was used to patch holes left by woodpeckers. We were also given some cool Pecker Patch merchandise. Thank you Crosslink!

Amir Kharazmi, Advancement Team Member

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