Race Update 1

We’ve been a little quiet but very busy! Here are some updates on what we’ve been up to:

September 15 – Horizon departs Toronto for Adelaide via airfreight

Shipping a solar car, tools, and equipment is a big challenge. The shipment crate is custom made and we spend many hours packing and securing the car down to make sure it will survive the 18,000km journey from Toronto to New York, New York to Sydney, and finally Sydney to Adelaide! 

The custom crate that carries the solar car and equipment from Canada to Australia
The custom crate that carries the solar car and equipment from Canada to Australia

September 21 – Advance crew arrives in Adelaide

Four team members, what we like to call the 'advance crew', travelled to Adelaide to sort out some race logistics. The goal was to pick up Horizon and our equipment as well as the rental cars that will act as the support vehicles for the solar car during the race. We also had the opportunity to explore the city. We walked around Victoria Park and even visited the beautiful Brighton beach. Thank you to Brighton Secondary School for providing us with accommodations while in Adelaide!

Brighton beach in Adelaide, SA
Brighton beach in Adelaide, SA

September 24 – Advance crew picks up Horizon and equipment and departs for Darwin

On Sept 24. morning, we arrived at the Adelaide warehouse of CEVA Logistics, the company that managed the transport of our crate from Canada to Australia, and saw Horizon for the first time in a few weeks. We were excited but nervous as the crate was undergoing a quarantine inspection where the authorities checked our tools, equipment, and the car for any organic material. Thankfully, there were no major issues and the car was quickly released to us. We then began our drive up to Darwin. Along the way, we surveyed the race route making note of things like good camping spots, cattle grids, and roadwork. We even saw some kangaroos!

Kangaroo crossing sign along Stuart Highway

September 27 – Race crew assembles in Darwin

After over 30 hours of travelling, the rest of the crew arrived in Darwin. We were very happy to have everyone together. We immediately unpacked our equipment and set up shop so we could begin work on getting Horizon into race condition. Before we can drive on Australian roads, Horizon must be inspected by the Northern Territory Road Authority. Once this is complete, we will start testing.

We'd like to thank Palmerston Senior College for providing us with accommodations and a work space while in Darwin!

Only 18 days until the start of the race... Stay tuned for more!

First team meeting in Australia

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