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On June 8th, part of our team traveled to Ottawa to visit the National Research Council in order to conduct aerodynamic characterization tests in their air tunnel facilities. Here are some of the experiences of the NRC visit that members of the Blue Sky team have shared:


“Our visit to the NRC presented me with an opportunity to work with industry professionals and put into practice the things I learn in the classroom. I found it quite humbling to know that the engineering feats around me utilize the same technology, from conceptualizing the idea to testing a prototype all the way to solving a very real problem. It makes me realize the room for my own technical growth and the possibilities ahead. It was quite a learning experience to work with the NRC, nonetheless I look forward to working with them again and await what new insights the data from the wind tunnel test brings us.”

– Nasa Nguyen, Industrial Engineering 1T9

“The NRC wind tunnel literally blew my mind. The people were great, so knowledgeable and helpful, and the wind tunnel was equally as impressive. For me, not only was this an opportunity to learn more about aerodynamics, but also to have a great time with my Blue Sky team. One of the best moments at the wind tunnel was seeing Eugene, our aerodynamic lead, holding the smoke wand in front of our car. There’s nothing like seeing Eugene get to do what he’s always wanted to, and that’s all thanks to the NRC.”

– Mackenzie Clark, Engineering Science 1T9

“On behalf of Blue Sky Solar Racing, we want to thank NRC for providing us with the opportunity for us to conduct aerodynamic characterization tests in your air tunnel facilities. This has given us important information about our 8th generation solar car – Horizon as well as important knowledge for the design of our next solar car. The NRC visit was a great experience for the Blue Sky members to gain this knowledge from wind tunnel testing and NRC’s professionals. ”

-Natasha Valenton, Mechanical Engineering 1T9

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