Blue Sky Solar 20th Anniversary Celebration



On November 18th, Blue Sky Solar Racing celebrated our 20th anniversary at the MaRS Discovery District. The event was a great celebration of 20 years of the innovation and excellence in solar racing that our undergraduate team strives for. Four generations of cars were showcased at the event: Horizon (our 8th generation car that competed and placed 3rd this summer at the American Solar Car Challenge), Cerulean, Azure and B-7.  We would like to thank MaRS for hosting our event, Nanoleaf for providing Aurora panels, our generous sponsors for helping us realize our vision, and the Engineering Society and MBNA, whose contributions made the event possible. Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the alumni and guest speakers that attended, including Thomas Coyle, the Vice-Dean of Engineering, for the faculty’s unwavering support of undergraduate projects like these.

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