3D Printing at the Bluewater Technology Access Centre

With the development of technologies such as 3D printing, Blue Sky Solar Racing is always striving to maximize performance. This year we have gotten the chance to learn more about 3D printing technology, how it works, and how we can leverage it appropriately. With the help of the Bluewater Technology Access Centre (BTAC), we were able to explore 3D printing more in depth during this race cycle.

BTAC is located in Sarnia, Ontario, and serves as Lambton College’s frontline for industry innovation and 3D printing. BTAC allows for the design and development of products, parts, or prototypes faster than ever before, thanks to their precision 3D printing technology using selective laser sintering (Formiga 110). They also have an extensive collection of 3D scanning equipment (FARO HD laser scanner, FARO Edge arm and FARO Vantage laser tracker), as well as 3D design capabilities with Solidworks and Spaceclaim software.

For more information on BTAC or their services, please contact Rick Williston, BTAC Project Manager (226-778-0045).

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