First Australian Road Testing Day

After we have gotten the permit to test B-7 on the road, we wasted no time and started driving right away. The World Solar Challenge forbids teams to test their solar cars on the actual race route, Stuart Highway but we are allowed to test on a different highway called Cox Pennisula Rd.

In the morning, we practiced charging of the solar array and gathered data about our array performance. Then, we set out for Cox Pennisula Rd. We are already very practiced at getting B-7 out of the trailer and performing pre-drive checks but doing such tasks under the 40 degrees sun poses another challenge.

Shortly afterwards, Jane Liu, one of our three solar car drivers logged B-7’s first kilometres in Australia. We drove for about three hours on the first day and B-7 performed fantastic. We were able to practice radio communications, driving with other traffic (and other solar cars) and gather telemetry and strategy data. We plan to test B-7 more thoroughly in the next few days and fully characterize the car for the upcoming race.

Another step towards a successful 2013 World Solar Challenge!

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