About us

University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing is an undergraduate design team that designs, builds and races solar powered vehicles. The team has existed for over 22 years, building 9 solar cars in this time and a 10th one is being built currently. We aim to compete in the bi-annual Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 km endurance race across the Australian Outback. This competition provides the perfect proving ground for the team’s latest designs. Our team reaches many undergraduate programmes including those from the Faculties of Engineering, Arts and Science and Business. When students join the Blue Sky team, in addition to joining one of Canada?s top design teams, they are taught industry standard practices and develop skills they will use when they go into their chosen careers. We are proud members of our university community and are excited to help cultivate the next generation of innovators.

Our Vision

Push the limits on solar car design, provide students with an opportunity to grow and develop and, to promote sustainable technology.

Cycle Goal

Our Cycle has placed a high emphasis on the process of our work, we are hoping this translates in achieving the best result we have had in our history!

The Competition

What is the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

Beginning in 1987, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has been a 3,022 km race from Darwin, Northern Territory, to Adelaide, South Australia. This biennial race attracts competitors from over 20 countries, many of whom are university groups. The race is what people are calling a brain sport due to the effort and dedication it takes for a group of students to design , build, and then race a solar powered car. Currently, Blue Sky is preparing for the 2019 BWSC which will be the 15th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the team’s 7th time making the cross-continental trip.

To find out more about the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, visit https://www.worldsolarchallenge.org.

Are you interested in joining the team?
Email:blueskysolar@utoronto.ca or attend one of our recruitment events.