Managing Director

Hubaab K. Hussain - Mech 2T0

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Looking back to when I first joined the team, I can say I have changed for the better. Culminating in a 6 week race in Australia, my Blue Sky Solar Racing Team experience has been a shocker; I had not imagined that I would get to meet so many wonderful people, learn such a wide breadth of skills, and most of all I did not expect to have poured so much determination into a major project.... and love every single moment. Blue Sky has become my new home.

Chief Engineer

Kaveh Dadkhah - Mech 2T0

I joined Blue Sky in my first year of university because I was really interested in Cadding and applying my school knowledge to something cool. I was a part of the mechanical team and helped design the chassis and the roll cage for Polaris, the 2015-17 season car. I was also one of the drivers for the team during the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Crossing the finish line after a 3000 km journey across the Outback in a car built by myself and my peers was probably one of the best experiences I've had. I'm looking forward to leading the design team in designing an even better car this cycle.

Advancement Director

Grace Lloyd - Indy 2T0

I originally joined Blue Sky midway through my first year. I had some time on my hands and I wanted to do something productive. I was a more casual member doing media work for the team until I went to Australia for WSC 2017. While in the Australian Outback I fell in love with the atmosphere and comradery of the team. It was then that I realized I wanted to do so much more for the team and to step into this new role. I am excited to see all the new challenges we will face and where this cycle takes us.

Aero Lead

Khanin Thongmongkol  - Aero 1T9

My role on the team has always been aero-related tasks since I firstly joined the team in 1st year. Now, I am in 3rd year Aerospace Engineering, and I am applying my understanding of airflow to help the team design a "better" car and to achieve our goal !! My hobbies are hitting gym after school, watching movies & TV shows, and playing basketball during the weekend. I also enjoy a good meal, especially if it is spicy.

Business Development

Ben Mucsi - EngSci 1T9

It would be hard to summarize everything I've learned from my 2+ years with Blue Sky. From bleeding brakes to presenting at conferences, every day offers new lessons that are each uniquely valuable.

When we cross the finish line, I think we will all feel that these experiences not only allowed us to build a great solar car, but they helped us build an even greater team as well!

Electrical Lead

James Liu - ECE 2T0

For WSC 2017 I was recruited to build and design the software system of the car. As time went by I saw my responsibilities increase and interests diversify. I started getting involved in PCB design, aerodynamics, and other aspects of the car. Solar racing is such an interesting engineering design problem. My goal is ultimately to produce something amazing that I can be truly proud of.

Electrical Hardware Lead

Bora Togay - ECE 1T9

I joined Blue Sky during my first year not knowing what I was getting myself into. Soon, the small projects that I was assigned for the electrical team turned into complicated hardware systems, and easy days turned into sleepless nights. Now, I am designing the electrical system of our 10th generation solar car using the principles I learned by working on our past two cars. My goal for this cycle is to build an electrical system which will interface well with its software and power our solar car during WSC 2019 with a minimal level of frustration on our side.

Electromech Lead

Samantha Chau - EngSci 2T0

Ever since I've joined Blue Sky, I've always considered it to be like my second family. A little over a year ago, I wanted to find something to do that wasn't schoolwork, and somehow ended up becoming a part of this team. The hands-on work we do is so much more engaging and I have experienced moments where tie together my class work to Blue Sky and it really is an eye opener. It has made me more motivated to learn and develop my skills further.

Manufacturing Lead

Paul Babij - Mech 2T0

I joined Blue Sky in the first semester of my first year, immediately drawn to the idea of solving such a complex problem alongside people as passionate as I am. My goal is to learn as much as I can about the mechanical system and the manufacturing processes required to build a high-performance solar car. Together we will accomplish amazing things at WSC 2019!


Tamara Kecman - Indy 2T0

As a second year Industrial Engineering student, I joined Blue Sky to experience some real world applications. I'm currently working on improving the workshop, but look forward to seeing the other ways I can contribute to the team. I'm really excited to see the team's progress in the new two year cycle!

Strategy Lead

Andi Sahahaj - Engsci Physics 2T0

I joined the team over a year ago to tackle what I think is the most interesting aspect of endurance racing, efficient use of power. As strategy lead my role is to develop a race profile or in other words, a set of instructions for the driver which ensure we finish the race in the shortest time period possible. With the support of our amazing technical team building the best car yet, it's going to be up to me and my sub team to direct the team come race time.

Structural Lead

Gobind Singh Vasir - Mech 2T0

I joined Blue Sky Solar Racing during the summer after my 1st year at U of T. I started with fabrication and learnt other things as I went along. I joined the team to learn and have something to do over the summer but as time passed I realized the importance and how critical the project is. From then on I just had the dream to make Blue Sky Solar Racing the best team possible and a team that will bring something new in the realm of solar cars.

Systems Administrator

Andrew Maksymowsky - ECE 1T8 + PEY

I joined the team midway through my second year as a way to explore avenues of interest not available in the classroom. I've greatly enjoyed developing my engineering skills on the team by being posed new problems every day and look forward to the new cycle.

Technical Advisor

Sean Doughty - EngSci 1T9