Summer 2016

Join us in the exciting world of solar racing!

After an 8th place finish in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, the team has begun design for a new solar vehicle and we would love to have you join us! We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our Engineering and Business teams.

Blue Sky is a multidisciplinary project and welcomes students from any year, program or faculty. No experience required.


  • Aerodynamics
  • Array
  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Mechanical
  • Strategy


  • Sponsorship
  • Outreach
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Photography & Videography

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Why should I join Blue Sky Solar Racing?
There's only so much you can learn in a classroom and hands-on experience is invaluable.

Would I be able to learn about the functions of the electronics on the job, with little to no prior knowledge of the components?
Most definitely. If you are self-motivated and willing to put in the work.

What sort of tasks would a new member be delegated?
Depending on where your interest lies, you will start with small tasks or projects delegated to you by one of our team leads.

How long does it usually take to finish building a solar car?
To give you a general timeline – approximately one year to design the car and all subsystems, one year to construct and manufacture the vehicle.

Is it possible to be a part of both the engineering and business teams?
You are free to work on any part of the team you are interested in regardless of your program or background.

When can I start?
If you would like to get started ASAP, sign up to the mailing list and join in on fabrication activities or email

How often does the team meet?
At this stage of the cycle, the team is busy with fabrication with work going on almost every day.

Is it ok if I go on PEY next year?
It’s up to you how much time you would like to contribute, but keep in mind that you will gain as much as you put in. If you work in the GTA, you are still free to be a part of the team if you wish to do so.

When is the due date of the project and what is the peak time of work?
Our goal is to race in the 2015 World Solar Challenge in October 2015. The peak time is usually the construction phase. However, the team works hard throughout the project, there’s so much to do!

Are UTM and UTSC students eligible to join?
Of course!

What is the meaning of life?
To build solar cars, duh.