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about the campaign

Our Team

Blue Sky Solar Racing is a well established student design team at the University of Toronto. We design and manufacture world-class solar racing cars. Since our founding in 1997, our team has dedicated itself to inspire and motivate future generations of elite engineers by providing hands on experience in a fun yet competitive environment.

The Competition

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world's premier solar-powered car race event. The race covers 3022 KM of Australian outback, starting from Darwin, Northern Territory, and finishing at Adelaide, South Australia. With the dedication of our team members, we've been able to design, manufacture, and race a brand new car every two years for the past 20 years. Winning this race has and always will be our team's greatest achievement.

Help Us Get There

Due to our status as a fully student run organization, team members are responisble for paying $2000 out of their own pocket to cover their airfare. Going forward we want to make the competition more accessible for all of our team members. We're asking you to help our members realize their hard work by donating to our fundraising campaign. Your donations will subsidize team member airfare's so attending the competition is accessible for everyone.

Our Appreciation

By donating you'll have the oppurtunity to recieve a number of gifts our team has made. From models of past cars to team shirts. We'd like to show our appreciation for your generosity.



With this sponsorship tier your name will be printed onto our escort car and your name will appear on the bronze section of our donors website.



You'll recieve everything a bronze donor recieves along with a personalized thank you note from our team and an exclusive Blue Sky Solar Racing T-Shirt.



A gold donor recieves both bronze and silver tier appreciation gifts and a first edition exclusive Blue Sky Solar Racing History Book. Nothing beats being a gold donor.

How to Donate?


We appreciate any possible donation, and any sponsorship can be done through contact with the faculty or through our page below.



Our team is listed as a potential donation account through Aeroplan. We appreciate any amount of miles and there is no cost to this process. All Aeroplan miles will be used to help send our team to Australia!