Unveiling of Viridian

In the lobby of the Myhal Center the team set up photos and artifacts from the cycle.

With over 150 excited attendees filling the sunlit Myhal Center for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the afternoon of June 24th, 2019 heralded the unveiling of Blue Sky Solar Racing’s latest creation – Viridian.  A culmination of nearly two years of the team’s hard work designing, testing, and fabricating, the event focused on celebrating the team’s rich history while also showcasing their new car for the first time.  As the lightest and most aerodynamic vehicle the team has ever produced, Viridian incorporates the best of the team’s past while also paving the way for the future.
Attending the unveiling were distinguished University Faculty, interested members of the public and the team’s greatest supporters – their sponsors. Naturally, friends and family of team members wondering where their loved ones spend all their free time also came to see the product of all those hours. Numerous team alumni had the opportunity to reminisce, flipping through the freshly minted history book and admiring 3D printed solar cars from the past 6 cycles.  Even the team’s original founders, made time to see how the team has matured and grown.
During the presentation, the newly appointed Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Christopher Yip, spoke about how the team represents the university on the world stage. “This is a really amazing opportunity for students” he said before mentioning how the team fits the core mandate of the university by providing experiential learning and international opportunities
Dean Yip speaking at the unveiling.

 Prof. Amy Bilton, a notable team alumna and safety board advisor, shared her thoughts at the event as well. She said, “one thing that makes this project so special is that for 20 years, students have been the main leads driving this project”. She commended the team on the amount of effort it takes to build a solar car while still being a full-time student and talked about how Blue Sky is a great career stepping stone by providing students opportunities to develop critical skills they can use in the workplace.     
Named for the beautiful colour, Viridian represents a connection to our history as Blue Sky Solar Racing combined with the green future we are hoping to attain. Viridian has a brand-new shape not seen before from the team. It is a single fairing car with a centered driver, allowing the aerobody to take on a sleek, bullet-like shape, optimized to reduce aerodynamic drag and maximize solar collection. The design features a monocoque chassis and a lightweight suspension system which helps it in being over 50 kg lighter than its predecessor.
The event was a resounding success with members from the UofT community and beyond coming together to celebrate the unveiling of the new solar car. The team now looks ahead to testing the car and doing their final preparations leading up to the race in Australia.
The team stands proudly behind Viridian.

OCE Discovery 2017

IMG_7958 (1) OCE1 (1)
Big thanks to Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Discovery Conference for inviting the Blue Sky Solar Racing team and our 8th generation solar-powered vehicle, Horizon, to exhibit at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre earlier this week! The event was a great opportunity to talk to industry leaders, creators, and fellow students about what we do. We also had an excellent time learning more about other innovative projects, cutting-edge technology, and research in fields like medicine, cleantech, and digital media.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by throughout the two day event! If you have any other questions or want to follow our progress, you can find updates on flickr and facebook, along with pictures from the conference.

B-7 at Phoenix Contact's Energy Event 2015

On May 28th, the team headed to Milton to bring B-7 to one of our sponsors, Phoenix Contact. We were generously invited to take part and present in Phoenix Contact Energy Event 2015.
For this cycle, Phoenix Contact kindly sponsored us with PCB connectors and connecting wires between different power lines. We used Phoenix Contact connectors in B-7 and found that they were able to maintain functionality and robustness even when exposed to extreme heat and vibration during the 3,000km race in Australia.. These connectors were also manufactured with high quality shielding which resulted in clean, low-noise signals in our testing phase.
At the event, we were also kindly provided with the opportunity to deliver a presentation about the team . Our managing director, Zhe Gong, talked about some of the technical and developmental challenges the team faces throughout the project cycle as well as the success of B-7 at the 2013 World Solar Challenge.
We also had the chance to take out B-7 on a beautiful sunny day and answered some questions about the aerodynamic shape, choice of materials, the design and fabrication processes, and the race.
On behalf of everyone on the Blue Sky Solar Racing team, we’d like to thank Phoenix Contact for their continued support and for having us at the 2015 Energy Event!

B-7 attends Canada's largest solar industry event

On December 8 and December 9, B-7 attended our last event of the year – Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) Solar Canada Conference 2014, Canada’s largest solar industry event, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Over the course of the two days, team members had the unique opportunity to network with professionals, stakeholders, and advocates in the solar energy industry. The conference was host to over 200 exhibitors with expertise in energy policy, electricity storage, and various innovative energy solutions. It was a great experience as we learned about a number of existing and emerging solar technologies from across Canada and around the world.
B-7 attracted plenty of interest from conference attendees and other exhibitors who were intent to hear about the project and our success at the 2013 World Solar Challenge. We were thrilled to meet many people who share in our vision for a sustainable future.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see B-7 and talk about the project. We’d also like to say a sincere thank you to CanSIA for allowing us to exhibit our solar vehicle!
The team is very busy as construction of our next generation solar vehicle is set to begin in early 2015. However, we will be attending a number of exciting events throughout 2015 so stay tuned!

2015 Race, Honda Indy Toronto, Motorexpo

We can now say that we are officially in race mode! Earlier in June, World Solar Challenge released the 2015 race regulations and since then the team has been working tirelessly on designing the new vehicle. Our team has always placed strong emphasis on education, innovation and excellence; And once again, we are pursuing the project with the same mindset. So far, we have made a number of decisions regarding aerobody, solar array, the electrical and mechanical systems based on performance gain and cost. The team has never been more excited going forward!
That said, to accommodate the team’s busy summer, we will be taking B-7 to her last major event for this summer – Honda Indy Toronto! Honda Indy Toronto is Ontario’s largest annual sporting event, held at the Exhibition Place from Friday July 18 to Sunday July 20. The event will feature two full length IndyCar races, on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to world-class racing, the event is accompanied by six festivals featuring craft beer, food trucks, interactive games and activities, live entertainment, charity events, and celebrity appearances. Don’t miss this action-packed weekend and your last chance to see B-7 in action this summer!
We’d like to say a sincere thank you to Motorexpo for having us at the Toronto Motorexpo 2014 at Brookfield Place from June 23 – June 27. The 2014 Toronto Motorexpo is the fourth annual automotive showcase where visitors had unrivalled access to some of the world’s most exciting vehicles. We were thrilled to display B-7 among some of the world’s most prestigious vehicles including Tesla and Red Bull Racing.

Team Update and Winter 2014 Events

Since the return from WSC 2013, the team has regrouped and the new core team leads are eager to be working on the project!
At the beginning of February, Blue Sky Solar Racing attended the Sustainability Engineers Association Conference where we had the opportunity to share stories about our experience in the Australian Outback at the 2013 World Solar Challenge and discuss technologies with other sustainable energy enthusiasts.
On March 8, the team participated in the UofT March Break Applicant Event where students were given a tour of the Blue Sky Solar Racing workshop. Even more, with B-7 back from Australia, parents and students had a chance to see the vehicle!
The team has also been hosting weekly seminars as part of the Solar Car 101 recruitment program. If you’re interested, join us next Monday at from 6-7pm in BA3116.
Blue Sky Solar Racing has some more events coming up. Look out for us at UTERN Environment Week and the UofT Science Rendezvous !

Wheel Fairings & Unveiling

Currently, the team has finished the front fairing for the wheels and is working on the back tires. Amergy Tool and Mould, a long-term sponsor of Blue Sky Solar Racing, has generously continued to sponsor the mould for the wheel fairings.
So… what is fairing?
Fairing is an external structure that wraps around the object to reduce drag. It is a shield that wraps around the tires to direct the airflow allowing the car to move swiftly and smoothly
What is it made of?
Like most of the components of the Solar Car, the fairings are made from carbon fiber – a material consisting of fibers composed mainly of carbon; the carbon atoms are bonded together in a crystal structure to create its strength.
The team will be finishing the racecar within the next couple weeks and will start testing it in June! Don’t forget to mark your calendar on June 28th, 2013, we will be having the BIG unveiling ceremony! This is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

TREC Kids' World of Energy Festival at Evergreen Brickworks

In competing at the 2013 World Solar Car Challenge, the Blue Sky Solar Team participates in a global community to help promote solar energy. In addition, we take it upon ourselves to do our best to raise awareness in our local community about renewable solutions.
On May 8 to May 10, members of the Blue Sky Solar Team helped run a workshop on solar energy as part of the TREC Kids World of Energy Festival at Evergreen Brickworks. With help from our 2011 solar car model Azure, we shared our knowledge about building solar cars and our experience in competing in the 2011 World Solar Car Challenge across Australia. Students and adults of various ages responded extremely well and were eager to learn more about the structure, materials, mechanical and electrical systems as well as the energy saving aspect of the solar car.
With so much interest in our workshop, Azure received attention from the Weather Network and will be featured in a spot as part of the Festival!
It was great to see so much interest in our solar car project and we hope to continue to keep people informed and aware about renewable energy solutions.